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You want a Kindle Fire or a Kindle e-reader? Kindle e-readers are easy to get. I brought mine from the US but have seen enough Chinese friends with them that I assume they are available on I don't know about the Fire, sorry.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Alcy American Kindergarten?

So far it seems like a good operation, though they don't know the difference between permanent markers and dry-erase. I hope they can fix the smart board and 2 white boards they had me draw on. :/

Forums > Living in Kunming > Alcy American Kindergarten?

Apparently Alcy is the name of the boss. I can't find any info online, but the location I interviewed at was at the end of Keguang Lu, and there's another location at the corner of Jianshe Lu and Xiefu Lu.


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This made me think about the fundraising for Li Ping and I looked up the past articles to find that she had passed away after a few big fundraisers and there was now a fund to be used for others in medical need. If there is still money in this, can it go to this girl?


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