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Forums > Living in Kunming > Vaping in Kunming

Hey thanks for the heads up on jgherb. I don't see how to order on their website but after the holiday I will contact them. That looks like a good supplier of juice.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Vaping in Kunming

I was hoping there would a shop somewhere that sold juice and the like. I know the bird and flower area you are talking about.....lots of hookahs and what not down there.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Are FBI background checks really required now?

First, there is a such thing as an FBI criminal history check.

They are not hard to get but seeing that you are in China and it will take to time mail paperwork and what not you need to get on it now. You likely have enough time to get it done.

I literally walked into an office in Washington, DC, waited about 5 minutes, then walked it to another office and got it stamped and certified. No problem. Very easy. But again, you being here means mailing and what not so more time is required.

Also, the requirement to have this is a new requirement that began a few months back and is required for all visas now except tourist visas. It is not a kunming only thing.


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As best as I can tell Line 3 is 'officially' scheduled for completion in 2016.

However, my friends and other locals supposedly in the know all say late 2015.

So who knows but that is the best and most reliable info I have.


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