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Forums > Living in Kunming > International School in Kunming

Been here 5 years. worked for a few of these places.

KIA is the best in terms of providing a regular American-style education. It is religious in many regards, though the school does strive to respect children from all beliefs... parents have even opted out of having their kids involved in certain activities. They do offer a lot of financial aid.

Grace Academy in the North Mainly caters to Korean children, they are in Meijingxingchen and are still quite small

Modular Study Group is in the west, it is quite flexible and has certified teacher for many of the courses, most kids are western

Pollard international school in North kunming is about 3 years old and quite small (about 35 kids). It has several foreign staff and is teaching an American style curriculum, It currently has grades 1,3,6,8,11 and is slowly adding more as kids come in. All students are chinese, though they accept foreign children. The school has a religious ethos but not as emphasized as KIA.

ACE is a homeschool option, they follow ABECA curriculum

The Canadian secondary school in the north... don't know much about it (but it's covered in this forum already)

The Anchor- in Beichen is a homeschool co-op

hope that helps!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Opening up the labor markets to students?


According to this article China is opening up the labor markets... it states...

"Requirements and formalities for seeking a job in China

If you want to work in China, you must meet these basic conditions:

18 years of age or older
Good health
No criminal record
A clearly defined employer
Valid passport or another international travel document
Possessing professional skills and job experience

Foreigners who are seeking employment in China must apply for an employment visa to a Chinese embassy, consulate or consular office and enter China with the employment visa. If they apply for a simple job they should apply for Z visa, and if they are highly skilled, specialists or urgently needed, they should apply for an R visa. After they enter China, foreigners need to apply for a foreigner residence permit and foreign employment permit before starting to work."

So... has the Z visa requirement ACTUALLY changed? Has anyone tried this yet?


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