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And DiggySmalls, so sorry for not replying sooner... I didn't even think to check the article comments. As for your school, only by website - not in person. But I'm no authority on the contrasts of language acquisition methods and teaching structures. And I didn't share my thoughts to discredit other schools in any way, but only to share what was going through my mind as to why I chose Keats. As for the dialect, I'm not focused on learning it, but I really enjoy hearing it around town! It seems to have more of an abrasive vibe to it, a certain tonal honesty. But yeah, it totally throws me off sometimes! I'm listening for what little Mandarin I know, and it takes me a little while to realize I'm hearing some KunmingHua, ha!

Hey Vicar, Alien, and Lorena, totally understand why you'd think the interview is a plug. Honestly it is... but a completely voluntary plug. I've just honestly had a great experience my first semester here. I was really happy to put my endorsement behind this school - based on my personal experience with them. I'm sure it's not the best story, but it is an honest story. :)



Can't say enough good about this school! Positive class atmosphere with just the right amount of challenge and encouragement, great classmates from all over the world, and the best teacher I've ever had. Also had great assistance in the visa process. Really looking forward to continued studies at this school!