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Forums > Living in Kunming > No More Plastic Bags!

at least I get to carry my own bag to the mall now. no complaints on this policy. the bag is big, firm, nice-looking...definitely beat those plastic ones

Forums > Food & Drink > No Smoking at Salvador's?

I agree, though I'm a smoker, still I hate inhale second-hand smoke. Cuz self-destruction is enough for me, no crying for help... oop, my English is really broken these days

Forums > Living in Kunming > Theft: Crime spree in Kunming???

sorry about that geteven

i had the same experience too, let's share

got drunk down at speakeasy, the next morning, opps, wallat's gone. flashback... oh...

but sh...t. i had 3 IDs, and the lost one was with the most photogenic mug shot there! and cash, bank card etc, too...

well, keep a certain distance with strangers when exposed in bars and clubs that's all i know from then on.

nice weekend

Forums > Living in Kunming > internet?

hi, you are welcome. here it is

Speed Test Result speed test 2006-10-19 05:03:35 EST:
982 / 128 Kbps or 119.9 / 15.6 KB/sec

Forums > Living in Kunming > internet?

Changcheng Kuandai (Great Wall Broadband Network), that's what I'm using. The price's reasonable and check more information (price list, phone number...) on this website


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Advice is go to the airport 2 hours ahead . I was this close missing my flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai last Sunday. It took me a whole hour to get my turn at the airport security cuz even though there was a big banner hanging there saying "any kind of liquids are forbidden", still many passengers ignored that and had to go through trouble re-consigning their luggages

heh, actually...I keep them on the balcony. i live on the 2ed floor right on the infamous RED LIGHT street of the town. so... i guess they r just freaked out~ at least i hope so.
and i'm a girl... dude-D. nice weekend

ha...lovely creature
i keep 2 cockatiels at my apartment. they never shut up. it's hard to guess what they wanna say, or want me to do, when they never shut up...


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