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Theft: Crime spree in Kunming???

geteven (15 posts) • 0

Today I got my cell phone stolen in the bus (#10) on the way to work. The thief cut a 3 inch gash in the outside of my purse through to an inner pocket and took out my cell phone. Luckily he missed the cash.

I took all the credit cards out of my purse last weekend and have been very cautious after a friend was robbed for the second time in 3 months walking home after work. Three weeks ago, a different friend had her ipod plucked out of her backpack while waiting at a stoplight.

I have heard of a few other instances of pickpocketing, slashing, or near theft occurring on buses, bus stops, and crowded downtown streets in Kunming. Here is my advice:

1. Take all of the cards and money you don't need out of your purse or wallet now. The hassle of having to go home for a credit card does not outweigh the hassle of losing it.

2. Carry the valuables you need to take with you on your person. Be sure they are in a place that you can SEE and FEEL them (not in your loose back pocket). If you need to put them in a purse or bag, bury them inside in a way that their presence (lump) is not visible.

3. If you are carrying a purse or bag with anything stealable inside, hold it in front of you on the bus.

4. Be alert in crowded places, and please be a good Samaritan: there were TONS of people on the bus today, there is a good chance that someone saw the theft or at least noticed the huge hole in my bag before I did (an hour later). Help your fellow kunmingren.

Anyone else have any advice or experience here?

justally (7 posts) • 0


sorry about that geteven

i had the same experience too, let's share

got drunk down at speakeasy, the next morning, opps, wallat's gone. flashback... oh...

but sh...t. i had 3 IDs, and the lost one was with the most photogenic mug shot there! and cash, bank card etc, too...

well, keep a certain distance with strangers when exposed in bars and clubs that's all i know from then on.

nice weekend

touroman (1 post) • 0

The same just happened to my bike that I've been riding all the way from Europe to Kunming... what a loss! I just locked it outside a restaurant during daytime and a few minutes later it was gone. Amazing how quick these guys are, so you want to be careful!
So if anyone comes across a black touring bike ('velotraum' brand) with back and front rack, front suspension and a gear hub, please let me know... I'll pay a lot for any helpful information!


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