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Kunming toilets in the news

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Some hard-hitting Kunming news in the China Daily this week. Here is the entire story posted earlier this week under the headline Bird helps keep toilet clean

"A song thrush is being used to help keep a public toilet clean in a shopping mall in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

The sound of birdsong indicates to the bird's owner, Chen, who is responsible for cleaning the toilet, that it is clean.

But silence from the song thrush alerts Chen that the toilet needs cleaning."

We couldn't agree more with this comment by reader lison:

"If the bird really can clean the public toilt, it worths using thrush in other public places, to give the ubanites a clean city! "

Yes, what public toilets in China need is birds living in them. Then they will be clean.

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ha...lovely creature
i keep 2 cockatiels at my apartment. they never shut up. it's hard to guess what they wanna say, or want me to do, when they never shut up...

dude, maybe your bathroom is ALWAYS dirty??? something to consider. ;)

heh, actually...I keep them on the balcony. i live on the 2ed floor right on the infamous RED LIGHT street of the town. so... i guess they r just freaked out~ at least i hope so.
and i'm a girl... dude-D. nice weekend

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