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Security tightening at Kunming's airport

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With much of the city's traffic in disarray, travelers leaving Kunming via Kunming Wujiaba International Airport have needed to allow some extra time for their journey to the airport. Now that the airport has tightened security – especially with regards to liquids – it is advisable to give yourself even more time.

According to Kunming media reports more than 60 percent of passengers going through the airport's security check have had their bags searched recently. The increase in security at the airport – which previously had been quite lax – has reportedly led to many travelers missing their flights.

The recent tightening of security comes after Chinese media reported a foiled hijacking of an Urumqi-Beijing flight last week, which quickly and mysteriously disappeared from Chinese media.

On an unrelated note, Indian media is reporting that a China Eastern flight from Kolkata to Kunming this weekend had to dump its fuel and make an emergency landing when the plane's landing gear failed to retract after takeoff.

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Advice is go to the airport 2 hours ahead . I was this close missing my flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai last Sunday. It took me a whole hour to get my turn at the airport security cuz even though there was a big banner hanging there saying "any kind of liquids are forbidden", still many passengers ignored that and had to go through trouble re-consigning their luggages

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