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Forums > Living in Kunming > Healthy recipes for Broke-Ass's

Im getting tired of eating the same thing over and over (instant noodles with some veggies thrown in. starting to get old.) I love to find recipes and cook new food but its hard to find recipes online in english that dont assume you have a western style kitchen... or a western style grocery store. So I thought I'd ask for recipes. breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, what ever. If you got any recipes, good grocery lists, or tips on where to buy the best cheapest ingredients for broke-ass student budget type people post it. Even if its not super cheap post it any ways, not every one is broke all the time... at least I hope not.

P.S. I just discovered my apartment has a slow cooker, how I missed it these last two months I have no idea but either way, totally stoked. I've never cooked with one so if any one has got any good recipes please post them.

Forums > Living in Kunming > renewing tourist visa

Some friends said I could renew it, but they might have meant extend. and I didn't ask the source cause me and the source/source's were quite faced at the time. but you know, thanks for help asshat. mPRin thanks for the help, just needed to know if I could renew or just extend. it will make finding the info I need easier to search for. cheers.


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