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Forums > Living in Kunming > renewing tourist visa

my visa is almost up and I want to stay longer to learn chinese. I cant afford school right now, im waiting for a few things to go through back home. I heard you can do it here in kunming, just wondering if any one knew where I need to go and about how much it is.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Just looking for a few things

Just looking for a few things hoping some one would know where to look. Apple cider vinegar or pear cider vinegar, A good used furniture and appliance market, and... I think that's all I really need. Thanks for the help.

Forums > Study > Renewing my meds for school

I was thinking if I decide to stay long term I would like to enroll in chinese classes. Back home I would take meds for my ADD when I was in school. Before I came here I was no longer in school so I did not have any meds, so I did not bring any with. I was wondering what would need to happen if I were to renew my meds here or is it just strait up not possible because im a foreigner and its a controlled substance. It wouldn't be hard to contact my doctor back home if that would help.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Need help finding a place to buy games

When I bought a 360 I was told that there are places that sell dvd's and games, I used to see these places all over the place when I first got here but I haven't seen one since I bought the 360. any one know of a good place?


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