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@Alien, I've just asked Colin from Salvadors if I can put a donation box there, so from tomorrow (Friday) lunchtime there will be a box at Salvadors for anyone who wishes to give cash to the project. Any amount will be welcome!

Can I ask that people who want to stay updated with the progress after they've donated send me an email so I can add them to the project's mailing list?


By the way we are now at $270 :)

@lesterness I'm not sure I'll check next time I go, the villagers didn't say anything about that when we came up with this plan and I didn't think to ask.
@NickyH I'll check it out tomorrow, but I got some donations in two days ago so not sure what changed..
@yankeeOO I don't get any profit from this venture. The women who weave the scarves get $32 for making the scarves $3 is for the postage to Kunming and $25 goes to the threshing project.

I just did this trip last week; the Hekou-Laocai border is still open until 11 pm China time.
Also recommend the day bus from Kunming and then a sleeper train to Hanoi, prices have gone up a bit and a soft sleeper ticket is now 515,000 VND


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