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During the national holiday of October 2014 we again went to Getu village and delivered two more threshers, with the funds raised since I last wrote. We have now donated a total of 4 machines to the village.

During tomb sweeping weekend (April 5th) we went to Getu and managed to get the village 2 rice threshers with the 2000RMB we raised.
They said if they had 3 or 4 more machines they would have enough for the entire village to be free of having to thresh by hand.
I have just gone to fetch and empty the pot that was up at Salvadors, and with those contributions and others that came in we are already at 443RMB towards more threshers. Thank you to everyone who is helping! Let's keep going and make a difference to this village!

Whoop whoop!!! We've got 2000 RMB!!! Thanks to all the contributors!! Soon we'll go to Getu to buy a thresher :) hope to buy one more by harvest season in August so please keep spreading the post :)


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