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Forums > Study > German lessons in KM

I have had one PM to this subject which I have tried to respond to but failed. However thank you for the PM, very helpful

Forums > Study > German lessons in KM

Thanks tigertiger but finances don't come into it, it's purely his wish to enter into technical courses in Germany, which I would imagine that the German language would be used.
All Google checks show this.

Forums > Study > German lessons in KM

My wife's nephew is hell bent on studying in Germany.
Of course a rudimentary knowledge of the German language would be required.
Are there any German language lessons available in KM or is there a German speaker who would be interested ?

Forums > Living in Kunming > China driving licence

Now here is more confusion.
I was told when I passed my test in KM at the age of 61, that my licence could not be renewed after I reached the age of 70.
Then during my efforts to renew my present licence, I was informed as it was no longer valid, I could sit another test and if I again passed, then my new licence would be valid until I reached the age of 70, and could be renewed after that by taking an annual medical.
Confusion abounds .


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Typical, we are a Dongguan based Importer of one of the best award winning Devon Ciders. We have registered with the BCC in Guangzhou. We also have a large stock of our cider in Kunming. But I knew nothing of this event.


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