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The director's cut, the highest amount for a haircut, is about 140-160 RMB between Wenlin Jie and Jian She Lu. It is next to Master Kong's Noodle House. If you request a discount card, I think 1500 RMB is the lowest, you get a discount rate of approx 40% per cut. I got a perm and haircut for about 700 RMB after purchasing the discount card, and was happy with the result. For the perm, I choose an American Matrix product. Discounts also applicable to high end hair salon products from Loreal and Kerastase.


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As of March, all they want are 2 passport-sized photos w. a white background, visa and passport copy. They provide you with a 2-page application form.

No proof of travel nor hotel reservation was needed. Only needed to have a hotel address on hand to fill the application.

Getting there from 9-11 am is recommended by the consulate. Otherwise, they are free after lunch from 1-2 pm.

From Yieryi Da Jie to the address in this listing takes about 45 mins by taxi and 40 RMB. We went for some Mi Xian Noodles in a nearby mall housing a humongous Carrefour if you want to take care of some shopping needs.