The new consulate and visa office for Myanmar (formerly Burma) across from the Empark Grand Hotel in Guandu District southeast of the airport.

As of February 2014, the visa processing time for non-Chinese nationals was two days minimum. Visas for Chinese nationals can be processed within one working day.

Bring at least three passport-sized photos, a copy of your flight itinerary, showing a flight out of Myanmar, and proof of having booked at least a night in a hotel in Myanmar, including the hotel's address.

Listing info
  • NameConsulate General of the Union of Myanmar (Burma)
  • Address99 Yingbin Lu, Guandu District Consular Zone, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68162810
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Consulate General of the Union of Myanmar (Burma) • 99 Yingbin Lu, Guandu District Consular Zone

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I went here today from Kunming railway station. A taxi from cost 25RMB. I had to complete a two-page form, including inbound flight and address of a hotel. They also asked for a photocopy of my passport and chinese visa, plus two passport photos. It takes three or five days to process. Very easy and only two other people there so it only took ten minutes.


As of March, all they want are 2 passport-sized photos w. a white background, visa and passport copy. They provide you with a 2-page application form.

No proof of travel nor hotel reservation was needed. Only needed to have a hotel address on hand to fill the application.

Getting there from 9-11 am is recommended by the consulate. Otherwise, they are free after lunch from 1-2 pm.

From Yieryi Da Jie to the address in this listing takes about 45 mins by taxi and 40 RMB. We went for some Mi Xian Noodles in a nearby mall housing a humongous Carrefour if you want to take care of some shopping needs.


You can go by bus 212 or 213 till 织布营 (zhi bu ying) (from 2 to 4RMB).

185RMB for 5 days
235RMB for 3 days
285 RMB for 1 day

When you take your visa back, they do it in 30 min, so come before 11:30.

Nice trip!