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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming advice

cool yea of course i need to come down. just wanna get some feedback.

i was hoping to know if there were any social sites which focus on kunming area. something like bjstuff or thebeijinger.

i know about the cold in the house because ive spent time in fujian many times and that isn't going to bother me as much as trying to protect my guitar and stuff from freezing. so i guess its electric heaters then.

seems that if one is outside any major city in china. that the level of life drops. well thats ok with me as long as i can find

clean air
chances to work
have some foreign things(foods, etc)
can find places outside a city for astronomy(a passion)

here in beijing we get all this and more but the prices, pollution and traffic just suck rotten eggs.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming advice

my bike doesn't get stolen because its the type of bike that i never leave outside and it never gets locked/left by itself. I bring it inside with me and this also prevents it from rusting.

if someone went through the trouble of breaking into my house, risking their life and can get out in time with my bike, they deserve it.


what about the area just outside of kunming? can one find clear night skies?

Forums > Living in Kunming > IP laws

I work for an IP agency here in Beijing and lemme say just this

any country whom wishes to have a modern world and develop its infrastructures and bring everyone out of poverty (yea right) is going to need a very well organized IP set of laws.

here in china its not the laws that has issues, its enforcement and awareness.

when you write a book, make a movie or compose a song and someone makes money off of your work. perhaps you can understand it more.

when somenoe stole my songs i was mad because they could have simple "asked" me about it. im cool with people playing my tunes. but when you make 10,000-20,000 rmb off something I wrote. then its time to contact my dear old friend da lawyer.

by the way i won damage claims in the middle courts here in beijing and have shut down those guys.


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