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We just went there today, and hired a minivan from Lost Garden Hostel for 200 roundtrip. This made getting there super easy and convenient since there aren't many buses that go there and hardly any taxis. I heard that maybe Hump Hostel has a car for hire as well. It took about an hour to get there.

Entrance tickets were 100 per person (80 with a student card). They said there are 2 performances everyday, one around 1030 and one around 330. Luckily our driver knew this and planned accordingly so we would be there for the morning show :)

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Thanks for the advice. Basically, I was just hoping to find a place that wasn't in a bar or something that I could take a kid to. I think she'd get along well with other kids/teenagers. Could you tell me when and where the Green Lake English corner takes place?

Forums > Study > Childrens English Corner


Does anybody know if there is an English corner for children in Kunming? I have a 10 year old student, and I'm trying to find ways to help her be more confident when speaking English. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey everyone!

My classmates and I want to try the 8 main types of Chinese cuisine while we're studying here in Kunming. Soooo, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some authentic restaurants for us to try out for any of the following regional styles: shan dong (鲁菜), si chuan (川菜), jiang su (苏菜), guang dong (粤菜), zhe jiang (浙菜), fu jian (闽菜), an hui (徽菜)and hu nan (湘菜). Also, any recommendations for dishes to try would also be welcome!!



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We tried taking the tour yesterday and discovered it was quite different from what we expected.

First of all, there are 2 types of tickets you can buy, neither of which was 5. The first is 10 and doesn't allow you to get on and off wherever you like...once you get off you're off. The problem with this ticket is that no matter where you get on the bus, you have to get off at the last stop. So, when we got on at Wen Lin Jie, they told us we would have to get off in 3 stops if we bought this ticket.

The other ticket is 20 and you can get on and off wherever you like, but for us, that seemed like too much to pay for a simple bus tour around the downtown area. So, we explained that to the girl working on the bus (who was very helpful and friendly) and got off at the next stop.


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