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Forums > Study > Yunnan University Finance and Economics

I used to teach there. What is your question? What do you want to know? Are you Chinese? Are you fluent in Mandarin?

Most of the teachers are not native English speakers so most classes are in Mandarin. They do have some foreign teachers that come for short courses but the bulk of their courses are in Mandarin.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Finding bus tickets at holidays

Thanks Philou. Yes, I'm finding that to be true. It's a bit disconcerting but I understand how things work as I lived in China for several years. My local Chinese friends are trying to buy bus tickets for me and just wrote me today that they won't sell one more than a week in advance. Crazy but that's China. Still, at the holiday I expect it is even more difficult. Fortunately I am traveling alone so a single ticket may be a bit easier, at the least. Thanks

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Finding bus tickets at holidays

I am a former Kunming resident and will be visiting around the 26th Jan to Feb 1. I need to travel from Chuxiong to Dali on Jan 27th and from Dali to to Chuxiong on Jan 30th. Can anyone advise how difficult it is to buy tickets for those times now? I am asking some friends to buy these tickets but feedback is very slow.


Forums > Living in Kunming > My very blonde kids

My friends had a very blonde child and he became traumatized by the attention and touching in Kunming and Yunnan. They used to put a hat on him and simply would not allow strangers to touch him. He would became quite upset when people would touch him because of the fear that he had acquired when accosted by strangers.

I think you should protect your children so that they do not develop a similar fear of strangers brought on by their lack of courtesy and respect for the children.

Of course it is not meant to be malicious but they are not thinking of the child, only of there own fascination with the blonde hair.

Nevertheless, it can cause very bad consequences for the children.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Warning of new attack threat?

I received an email from the Consulate about this and I am currently in the US.

I have no reason to doubt that it was a legitimate email from the US list but I did not pursue further checking.


No results found.


Kunming city road washers must suspend washing the roads when the temperatures fall below 0.

Up until now they have been completely unaware of their ability to create icy roads by spraying water when temperatures are below freezing.

How can we ask the local officials to make this change? I can't speak Chinese and this is could be a serious problem not only in Kunming but in other areas.

While the snow has gone the cold continues. What is most dismaying is the continued water washing of the city roads while morning temperatures are -5 or more degrees below 0.

I'm just surprised there haven't been horrendous vehicle accidents caused by ice forming from the road washing.

It would be much safer if the road washing were discontinued during these sub freezing temperatures. Rush hour traffic is bad enough without ice....

Do we have any factual information on the fog problem? Is it worse in December? January? Is it related to cold temps or some specific weather pattern?

I missed a Beijing flight last December because of fog. My 9:50am flight to Beijing was delayed until noon but we did get out that day. Because of that experience I was thinking I could expect to make it out of Kunming late and then get lodged in a hotel in Beijing when I miss my connection to SFO but if they are shutting the airport down for a full day then all bets are off.

If this is a reoccurring problem I wonder how it will play out. You could have fog for several days...

You can take off in fog a lot more easily than landing so air traffic controllers can allow planes on the ground to leave. Of course if your plane has to arrive here from somewhere else and is not on the ground already in the morning that is no help.

An Asiana flight had a bad crash in San Francisco earlier this year but that was strictly pilot error and with no fog.

Maybe I'm just a laowai but I find the street vendors to be a nuisance, unregulated and often quite rude.

One of the problems with Kunming is the complete chaos of parking motorbikes and cars everywhere and these vendors who block the sidewalks and make pedestrian traffic very slow and difficult, and sometimes dangerous for pedestrians.

The vendors with the audio speakers that blast their price over and over I find completely obnoxious. Most Chinese people that I have talked to about this also don't like the noise but they put up with it because it is so common.

I empathize with their need to make a living but there should be some equal regulation and not just in some areas of the city. It should not be allowed to obstruct vehicle traffic, especially when the customers have to walk in the street between buses, cars and bikes with the vendors safely on the sidelines.

Hong Shan Dong Lu is completely paralyzed by these vendors.

I suppose this is a rant but I would like to see some order to the chaos. I suppose I'm crazy to believe it could be different but I do.

I'm in the states right now. Anyone know if the flooding reached Hong Shan Dong Lu?

I don't suppose there there any flood maps or elevation maps that show which areas are lowest in Kunming?

Anybody know where the flooding occurred in Wuhua?



Slice of Heaven has some nice food, its very clean and comfortable and the staff try very hard to please. I can understand Barbara is trying to run a business and it's her right to set the pricing. A large pizza for 20 quai was a bargain for sure. Obviously it was not a money maker without other sales. Anyone can be brisk from time to time but generally I think it's a good place.

I don't drink alcohol at all and was surprised that the place was 1/2 empty on a Friday night. The change in policy reflects a decent establishment trying to stay in business. We should support this nice little respite.