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I think they've slipped since their heyday, but still not bad in terms of quality of food. The service last time I was there wasn't great, but I guess there are plenty of places with the same problem. All in all, I will probably go back...out of habit? Try for yourself.


Salvador's definitely earns its reputation in Kunming: great food and service all for decent prices. My favorite is their bottomless cup of coffee available each morning.


Guess this is a "love it or hate it" kinda place (5 good reviews and 3 bad, nothing in the middle)...
I've known Carl and Scott for years, since I moved to Kunming in 2005. Since then their bar has grown and gotten better in every way: better food, better music, better drinks, and yes, the BEST beer around. If you don't like the beer they brew, I'm guessing you should stick to the Micky Mouse stuff like 2.9% lager ;) In 7 years, I haven't found a better spot in Dali Old Town. Keep rockin Monkey.