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Forums > Living in Kunming > phonebook sim card for iPhone

The card came from taobao and iTunes activated the iPhone.

Then navigate to in Safari, ran the jailbreak; added to the Cydia sources; installed hacktivation patch; got ultrasn0w and unlocked the iPhone ... now it's fine.

iOS 4.0.1 is better on the battery life, and now not tethered it can be cut off at night. Although locking the phone hardly uses any battery with WiFi but 3G turned off.

Kunming lost any charm it ever had for us years ago ... too many rude and impatient people, especially in traffic; dirty air ... you can have it ... enjoy!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Tailor in Kunming?

Had a nice suit made in 2007. The shop is down the street from the back entrance to Kunming Zoo. Same side of the street, this small street is at the very bottom of the hill going away from 12-1. Or going up Ren Xi Lu from Yuan Tong Bei Lu you turn left at the top of the hill, then go down to the bottom of the hill on the left. Then it is the first shop on the left as you walk up the street. Not great directions, sorry.

Forums > Living in Kunming > phonebook sim card for iPhone


The iPhone 3GS came with iOS 3.1.2. It was bought after Apple stopped signing the SHSH blobs for 3.1.2, so there is no 3.1.2 SHSH on the planet for this phone.

The phone now has iOS 4.0.1, and it needs to be activated. No one can do anything with the phone until it is activated. Since it is not an AT&T phone, but either a Telus or Rogers, it can ONLY be activated with a phonebook SIM (or Telus or Rogers).

So, step 1 above:

1. JB using sn0wbreeze.

is impossible.

Thanks for trying.


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Wish we'd known this a couple of weeks ago. We arrived in Kunming on August 10th and left on August 18th. We stayed in the Bai Huo Da Lou area, and we were refused plenty of times between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. — very unashamedly.

Wish I'd read this article before then ... maybe we could have gotten some better results. Of course, in a city where the vast majority of people disobey the law unless the police are standing in front of them (and some don't obey then), no one should expect it to change UNLESS it's enforced. Fat chance of that, eh?

Kunming is still just as backwards as when we arrived in 2002 ... only now there are twice the number of people! No more taxis; but more cars, and entirely too many 2-wheeled vehicles! The rudeness of drivers in Kunming, especially the electric bike and motorcycle drivers, is astounding — absolutely unbelievable!

We heard from Chinese people even before moving that "Kunming is a big village" — now we know first hand.

We must leave China to fulfill our Visa requirement by Aug. 18. We've driven to HeKou and walked across to Vietnam before. The Vietnam Visa cost 600 yuan iirc. (We'd pay for same day at the consulate in KM because we live in Dali, and that's cheaper than the cost of extra nights in KM to get a Visa not 'same day'.)

Does anyone know the cost of the Laos Visa for Americans at their border? Is this drive better/quicker than going to Vietnam? I've also heard that a new road has opened to Vietnam since our last trip (2006). Don't know whether that is true or not, either. It would be nice to see Xishuangbanna anyway.


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