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Tailor in Kunming?

beizhan (37 posts) • 0

Does anyone know a good tailor in Kunming that can do tailor-made suits? Does not have to be cheap but good quality...and fit.

DanTheMan (608 posts) • 0

You best bet is probably Winsome Yim. She has the small woman's clothing shop a few doors north of Paul's Shop, but she can do tailored men's clothing, too. Hours vary.

mingdao (40 posts) • 0

Had a nice suit made in 2007. The shop is down the street from the back entrance to Kunming Zoo. Same side of the street, this small street is at the very bottom of the hill going away from 12-1. Or going up Ren Xi Lu from Yuan Tong Bei Lu you turn left at the top of the hill, then go down to the bottom of the hill on the left. Then it is the first shop on the left as you walk up the street. Not great directions, sorry.

flengs (108 posts) • 0

Yes Winsome is definitely the best choice. Good quality and affordable! You can contact her at 13629640500.

beizhan (37 posts) • 0

Mingdao: Thanks a lot. I will try to find the shop and have a look
DanTheMan: Do you mean Paul's Shop in the north or near Yunda?

winsome (2 posts) • 0

Please note that my shop has been relocated. Send me email at winsomeyim@hotmail.com or call me at 136 296 40500 for the new address.

Winsome Yim

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Since this was referred to, Winsome has moved to Hong Kong, so its probably important people recommend somewhere else!

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