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Yeah,Joshwa's advice is very good. Anytime I want to eat wild mushrooms, I will go to the restaurant of Kunming Institute of Edible Fungi(滇国菌都). I love the wild mushroom hot pot there. I'd rather pay more money for safety. Other Yunnan dishes are also good there.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Searching for: fabric

Yes, I remember there is one curtain fabric market in Da Shang Hui. It seems the market sits on Qianxing Road(前兴路) and not far from Guangfu Road(广福路).

Forums > Food & Drink > Restaurants you 'love to hate'

As a fan of Dai food, I don't think it is the hygiene of the restaurant you went caused diarrhea, but is the special ingredients of Dai food. As I know a kind of extremely spicy chilli(Chinese call it 小米辣xiaomila) will be mostly added into dishes, which is also the glamour of Dai food exists. But unfortunately most people's stomachs can hardly bear 小米辣 and that's probably the reason you got diarrhea.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Searching for: fabric

It's a market selling all kinds of home decorations, including lamps, fabrics, tiles etc. Fabrics are sold in an area of this market. I suppose you'd better ask some people there to find the fabric area. If I'm right, the fabric area sits at District D. Da Shang Hui is a little bit like Luo Si Wan (螺蛳湾) I think. Ask them "Bu liao jiao yi qu (布料交易区)", they will tell you the right direction. This is a glimpse of the fabric area. Is this the right place you want?


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