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dearest spunz,
sorry, totally my fault!
we're remaking a new price list with new products and with old priducts deleted.
I kindly ask you to be patient another couple of days and then I will reply to your email.
I appreciate your understanding!

Forums > Food & Drink > The most spicy hot Burenwurst I've ever had!!

Hi QQWEN and seahorse, sorry for delay.
We have a list on our website, but it's an old one and we're currently re-building the website.
If you come to the box, you can take a printed list, with prices and packing size on it.
or you can send me an email to and I'll send you the electronic version.
Anyway, just fyi, Burenwurst are sold in 1 kg package (you can freeze them) for 62rmb.
Most of other kind of wurst are also available in smaller packages, around 300 gr.

Hope to see you soon!

Forums > Food & Drink > The most spicy hot Burenwurst I've ever had!!

hi qqwen.
when you'll need to buy your next pack of burenwurst and want to be sure that you still can survive after that :) let me know and I'll deliver for you at the box.
In our warehouse we have burenwurst, frankfurter, munich white, thuringer, lyoner and many other kinds of sausages.
What we keep normally in box bar warehouse is instead breakfast sausages.

Just let me know if you need any of these...

Forums > Food & Drink > Olive Oil

I'm Francesca, aka The Box bar owner :)

My main occupation here in Kunming is the food company I opened 3 years ago with other two italian friends, it's called Kunming Sapore Italia Food Co., ltd.

We trade imported food and sell to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bars and also private customer, especially now that we've got our products in the Box Bar as well.

When you have time come to the bar, you can buy directly there one bottle of our best cold pressed extravirgin olive oil and whatever else you might need to cook (pasta, seasonings, cheese, ham, salami, and a lot more).

Hope to see you soon!


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I wanted to thank personally all friends who voted us and made us win in 3 categories, and above all make my best congratulations to all the other winners!
Thanks again and see you soon at the box.
ciao, f.


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