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Forums > Living in Kunming > Certifying documents in Kunming

Long Dragon and Yuang Tog Si I really appreciate taking your time to answer my post.

I've been married before and the procedure is go to your embassy with your ID, fill out a stat dec, pay the fee then exit the embassy . It usually takes 20 minutes. That's most countries not but not NZ, they require the notarized papers from here then they issue the certificate that then must be taken to the consulate and signed by the consul general in person.

I'm thinking that if I go to Hong Kong change passports and re enter the country using my second passport then get the letter of no impediment issued across the counter from the second consulate and cut out the New Zealand government completely.

I was undecided until I read your two posts but now I know that there might 25 things that could go wrong doing this and If I can think of 24 of them then I'm a genuis. The only reason I changed to a New Zealand was because my other one expired. In hindsight that was unfortunate timing .

Thanks again for your input

Forums > Living in Kunming > Certifying documents in Kunming

I want to obtain a certificate of no impediment to marriage from my embassy here in China. But in order to do so I must submit an application form and a translated certified copy of my divorce papers to the registrar of births, deaht s and marriages in my home country which I have done.

My problem is this, the application form and the copy of my divorce papers have been forwarded and received but the registrar is claiming that although the papers bear the official seal of the provincial government that in itself is insufficient. They are insisting that I have the documents properly CERTIFIED. I contacted my embassy, explained the problem and asked for their advice and they haven;t answered . The government department in my country doesn;t have a clue how to go about it here.

Is there anyone who knows where I could go and get this document certified? I dont' mean simpy stamped with a seal, it has to be dated and signed as well.

Forums > Living in Kunming > KRFC Kunming Rugby Football Club

There is a software program that people use to design stuff like clothes (hopefully Rugby Jerseys) which I hope to get my hands on soon Effectively we fiddle around with different designs until we get something we like. Merzei suggested using the emblem /insignia of the flying tiger with the club initials on the left breast. I thought maybe we could use the pub's name and the clover leaf across the front or torso area and on the back you could have your name and a number.

Forums > Living in Kunming > KRFC Kunming Rugby Football Club


I have seen this thrread belately, I have a Rugby ball and hopefully have a Rugby jersey sent over by next year which will help as a sample for some playing kit.

This is going to come down to playing numbers, as for coaching the best teacher is experience and the best place to get that is on the playing field .

The IRB has various coaching materials online, rules and stuff like in the form of modules. The ARFU have translated them into Chinese as well.

Basics of Rugby are passing the ball backwards, respecting the off side rule and no blocking. This stuff you can learn playing touch but for the breakdown and scrums we need people who have played .


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Excavation is well under way on the site right now and they also seem to be boring down in the corners of the site to establish the foundations for the building. In addition to that the temp housing errected on the site has been removed. We should be able to see evidence of the superstruture rising soon.


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