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Forums > Travel Yunnan > cheap Air Tickets for Bangkok, singapore and hongkong

I think you may have a problem with cheap Promo tickets out of Kunming. As far as I am aware onlt two airlines fly direct to BKK, thats Thai and China Eastern. The same is for HK with Dragonair and China Eastern. I seem to remember seeing a SIA flight at Kunming,. but again cannot see too many Airlines flying direct to Singapore. Without Airline competition its unlikely for promo deals to be offered.

As mentionmed the better choice is flying to Shenzhen then picking up a connecting flight through HK, but again, HK is not a cheap air ticket choice.
I know BKK to Kunming, the rates offered by both airlines are almost the same and not cheap

Forums > Living in Kunming > Police Reporting

I understand that any foreigner entering China and not staying in a hotel has to inform/register with the local constabulary.. Is this a strict and enforcable ruling ? if so where do I present myself in Kunming.


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