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cheap Air Tickets for Bangkok, singapore and hongkong

Sheena (13 posts) • 0

hi.. i badly need help.. can u refer me to websites that offers promo seats from kunming to Bangkok, Singapore and Hongkong..

something in english as well.. flight would be in august.. i dont know who to ask.. i barely know anyone here..


lummerlaoshi (130 posts) • 0

You can check out www.elong.net, www.english.ctrip.com, and there are numerous travel agencies in Kunming, some that speak English, some that don't. I can send you some phone numbers if the websites don't work out for you. You can also directly contact the airlines by typing in the airline name on any search engine (e.g., google = china eastern...www.flychinaeastern.com/home.htm)

There are a few posts in the forums about finding cheap air tickets already posted so have a look at past posts too.

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

Problem with Elong and Ctrip is that they only offer international flights with tickets issued in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou from the website. If you call them they may be able to get tickets from Kunming.

There are lots of local travel agents who can do international flights but be wary of cards handed to you in the street. There have been many scams. Always go to a real business with a real office.

Of course you don't need to go with a mainland China ticketing agency at all. International ticketing agencies will often have similar or better deals and as a bonus you can pay with an international credit card. Websites I have used in the past include: www.edreams.com and www.zuji.com.hk (you'll need the airport code for Kunming which is KMG).
Sometimes www.hkairlines.com annd www.dragonair.com have good deals to hong kong although it is often cheaper to fly domestically to Shenzhen and then cross the border either by hovercraft or train.

nonthaburial (14 posts) • 0

I think you may have a problem with cheap Promo tickets out of Kunming. As far as I am aware onlt two airlines fly direct to BKK, thats Thai and China Eastern. The same is for HK with Dragonair and China Eastern. I seem to remember seeing a SIA flight at Kunming,. but again cannot see too many Airlines flying direct to Singapore. Without Airline competition its unlikely for promo deals to be offered.

As mentionmed the better choice is flying to Shenzhen then picking up a connecting flight through HK, but again, HK is not a cheap air ticket choice.
I know BKK to Kunming, the rates offered by both airlines are almost the same and not cheap

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

That's almost correct except that there are 3 airlines to Hong Kong - DragonAir, China Eastern and Hong Kong airlines.

Hong Kong airlines is often the cheapest and is often worth getting even if slightly more expensive than the flights to Shenzhen if you add another 200 RMB each way for the ferry from Shenzhen to Central or Kowloon. If you're booking way in advance you can get really cheap deals to Shenzhen however.
Dragon Air is usually expensive to Hong Kong, although it can sometimes work out cheaper for going to other destinations like Bangkok or Singapore. You would have to change at Hong kong airport which of course would take much more time and mileage than a direct flight but its worth checking out.
Silk Air flies from Kunming to Singapore but I think its only once a week - check their website.

Maude (32 posts) • 0

I recently found a pretty cheap flight from Guangzhou to Bangkok, 155 US dollars one way with Egypt air. This was much less than anything I could find going from Kunming. That was using www.expedia.com There are lots of flights to Guangzhou from Kunming or if you're feeling really broke you could even get the train (24 hours, one a day).

These guys are pretty good for internal flights: www.chinaairlinetravel.com When you first look you might think their prices are a bit higher than elong but actually the prices shown on this site include tax and booking fee so they work out the same. They have all the same deals that elong have for domestic flights. Also you can pay using your credit card through PayPal and they will issue an e-ticket. I've used them a few times with no problems. They can email you in English if you have any questions etc.

lummerlaoshi (130 posts) • 0

Actually, I tend to use elong and ctrip as reference sites for the price, then I buy offline at one of the travel agencies in Kunming. Both websites either require a credit card or you need to contact them via phone in Beijing (a little troublesome). I haven't tried this website, but my friend suggested it to me: www.qunar.com

Allan (4 posts) • 0

1. over many international trips in the last few years, it has always been cheapest for me to travel to guangzhou or zhuhai or shenzhen (using ctrip for best fare) and then take the boat or train to hongkong for the international departure, etc.

2. but recently, there is increased competition on air travel to hongkong now ... with hongkong air and hongkong express offering fares and showing discounts. you should check both their own hongkong website and zuji travel website, which is really travelocity for southeast asia!). for my next trip, it is actually cheaper to fly to hongkong than to the neighboring chinese cities.

3. i dont know the urgency of your travel, but the economic crisis means that international flights are NOT full, and the next day international fares are HEAVILY discounted. if you can tolerate the slight uncertainty, and are going to a popular place, you can do VERY well by flying last minute.

4. some of the non-chinese carriers offer VERY attractive promotions, that are definitely worth searching out. two months ago, thai airways had huge discounts on flights from kunming featured. last month, their flights from bangkok to anywhere in india were almost free. i would take the time to look at the website promotions for asian airline companies that fly internationally and land in your country of interest.

Sikaote (8 posts) • 0

Trying to get from Kunming to Zhuhai. It seems that the best way so far is to fly to Guangzhou and then take a train to Zhuhai. Any other ideas? Do I need to get the train ticket from GZ in advance or just buy it upon arrival?


debaser (647 posts) • 0

the best way i found was a flight to SZ and then a ferry to Zhuhai. there is a bus between the airport and the ferry pier but you need to do some research before you go because the people at the airport weren't very helpful! i don't like GZ train station which might be why i avoided it...

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