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Forums > Travel Yunnan > China Visa problems PLEASE HELP - URGENT!!!

Can someone tell me the address of the PSB on Beijing Lu in Chinese so I can show it to the taxi driver?

I have a Z visa now, but my residence permit expires in 6 days, so I have to get a 30 day tourist visa at the local PSB.

Forums > Living in Kunming > visa extention

If I'm here on a Z visa and need to have it extended for a month, can I do it here? My current residence visa expires July 12, 2011 and I need to extend it another 30 days. Any ideas? Where do I go and what should I bring along besides my passport and the Z visa and current residence permit?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting vaccinations in Kunming

I'm planning travel to Jakarta Indonesia which requires Americans to prove vaccinations for Yellow Fever upon entry. Since I've never had such a vaccine to the best of my knowledge, where can I get one in Kunming?

If possible, please post or email me in English and Chinese so I can show the taxi driver, and be able to tell the doctor what I want.

Perhaps at the same clinic on Wenlin jie?

Thanks for your help.


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First thing you should know is that the Google map location isn't accurate. My advice, call for directions.

I finally found it on my second effort and asking many people for directions. I was rewarded with a a fairly decent pizza, an outstanding cheesecake and a Mango frappe that was delicious, thick and creamy. Wow!

Recently, they have expanded their menu and are cooking steaks, ribs and some pastas. The lasagna was my first in 1 1/2 years and while tasty, it lacked the oomph of a zestier tomato sauce.

Now for the best part - The steaks! They are tender, full of flavor and properly seasoned and cooked. I haven't had a steak in China that was worth a dime until now. This steak was fantastic! Others who have tried them agree. They use a purveyor to get tender beef and it is worth the money. A loaded, baked potato and mixed vegetables, bread sticks and glass of house red made this experience the best by far. The steaks are 5 star!

They are also serving breakfast and while I haven't tried it yet, I plan to do so soon.

Most of the employees speak English and service is very good. I only wish that they were open later than 9:00 p.m.