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Currency restrictions

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The total amount of currencies each person permitted to take out should not exceed RMB 6000 Yuan.

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I believe officially it is the same both ways as regards carrying cash, but there's no reason you can't carry in as much traveler's cheques, credit/debit cards, etc. depends on your situation and how long you plan on staying. Personally if I need to bring in funds from outside, I just organise a transfer of funds from my bank account in Australia to my account with Bank of China via internet, this offers the best legal strategy as far as getting the most renmimbi for your dollar. On one occasion I transfered a very large sum just prior to buying 2 properties here in China and I had to show a copy of my last tax return as proof that the funds had been earned legitimately, but any thing under say $50,000.00 should be o.k. Keep in mind that the renmimbi isn't a fully convertible currency, so you don't want to be ending up with large amounts of the currency when it's time to leave. I hope this helps.

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