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Forums > Travel Yunnan > China Eastern. Why bother??

If you are stuck in the international terminal at Nanjing make sure you're quick if you need to recharge your mobile device. The only outlet is in the toilet (presumably another in female toilet), so you'll need to be 1st to plug in and hang around the toilet rather than sit down to be sure someone doesn't try to souvenir your device.

Don't know if the great firewall will let you view these, but there are a couple of interesting short clips of what you could expect when flying with CE.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > China Eastern. Why bother??

I travel in and out of China regularly transferring at Guangzhou and then on to Kunming with China Southern Airlines. For reasons I won't bore you with I was forced make changes to my usual pattern and ended up having to use China Eastern, transferring to a domestic flight at shanghai. I should have arrived at Kunming around midnight, but due to 'unspecified delays' at Shanghai, didn't clear Kunming airport till well after 4:00am. The person meeting me had been waiting for over 5 HOURS, the bus service had finished so we paid a minivan driver 200 CNY to take us, with baggage into the city.

Return flight to Sydney was even worse.

Left Kunming on time, but with China Eastern there  is a 6 hour wait at Shanghai for a connecting flight, so my travel agent got me to transfer at Nanjing instead, should have been only a 3 hour wait - BIG MISTAKE - Nanjing isn't set up for proper international transfers, so you have to unload your baggage at Nanjing, exit the domestic terminal and go through the booking process again at the China Eastern international check in desk. And guess what, China Eastern has different rules as regards baggage on domestic and international flights, so I ended up having to abandon an oversized item I was bringing back for a friend at Nanjing airport.

The officious supervisors at the China Eastern check in counter weren't interested in the fact that I had booked the baggage in at their Kunming counter knowing full well that I was flying on to Sydney. These are your usual bottom of the ladder admin types, only interested 'the established procedure' than in fulfilling their obligation of carriage or customer satisfaction. When I asked for the form for making a written complaint they tried to connect me to a complaints hotline that only accepted complaints made in Chinese.

The kicker was that the flight on to Sydney was delayed 2 1/2 hours for 'unspecified reasons', so didn't even get the shorter wait time anticipated.

Had another friend flying with China Eastern Sydney to Kunming via Shanghai both ways. Ended up having to stay in Shanghai overnight after missing her plane to Sydney due to more delays.

I will in future be making every effort to avoid flying with China Eastern Airways or transferring via Shanghai and Nanjing.

Forums > Living in Kunming > E-bike restrictions

Yes dazzer, yours is not my first warning. Most of the time the old ebike just sits under the apartment complex (minus the batteries), waiting for my now infrequent returns to Kunming. My attitude is that if they want to confiscate it then they are welcome to the old dear, but in the meantime I see no point in not using it when I am in town

Forums > Living in Kunming > E-bike restrictions

Not always possible to have a fapio. I bought my ebike about 4 years back from an Australian family which were heading home at the end of a 2 year stay. I think they had probably acquired it in much the same way, so any fapio is long gone.

Forums > Living in Kunming > US man goes missing after Chinese bus crash

Telegraph Steve Leavenworth, a 48-year-old who was until recently the senior legal counsel for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Beijing, has not been heard from since a bus he is believed to have been travelling in fell into a river in Yunnan province on September 8. Mr Leavenworth, who is originally from San Diego but has lived in China for 17 years, is thought to have been among 34 passengers who were travelling on a night bus between the towns of Fugong and Dali last Sunday evening.[...]


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We tried (0871) 67358125 a dozen times over a few hours before someone picked up and told us that if we want information on flights we should call 96566. This will give you a mandarin language only machine which told us that our flight was good.

I was walking up the stairs from the underpass at xiaoximen to catch the bus today, when a middle aged guy decided to blow his nose onto the steps.

It turned my stomach to see and I gave him a disgusted look

It's not just the older generation that's doing this, they need a Singapore style campaign and fine program in place to stamp out this disgusting practice.

How about the officers give out free packets of tissues with each spitting fine, just to help drive home the point.


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