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Hi Amina, I am an Australian living here in Kunming with my Chinese wife and our 4 year old son. He has spent most of his life here and only speaks Mandarin. We also live near the lake in hua sha shi lu. If you think we could help each other then please call. My telephone # is 3612070. By the way there are several good pools in the city, the one nearest is heated it has a shallower pool with slides etc. for the toddlers and a deeper one for everyone else. They also give swimming lessons, but I think you have to be 6 or older. Regards atomic


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We tried (0871) 67358125 a dozen times over a few hours before someone picked up and told us that if we want information on flights we should call 96566. This will give you a mandarin language only machine which told us that our flight was good.

I was walking up the stairs from the underpass at xiaoximen to catch the bus today, when a middle aged guy decided to blow his nose onto the steps.

It turned my stomach to see and I gave him a disgusted look

It's not just the older generation that's doing this, they need a Singapore style campaign and fine program in place to stamp out this disgusting practice.

How about the officers give out free packets of tissues with each spitting fine, just to help drive home the point.


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