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Forums > Living in Kunming > Great Scams

Peter, I should hope you wouldn't take the topic of earthquakes so lightly. I lived 200km from the 2008 Sichuan earthquake's epicenter. It was a terrifying experience. I wouldn't wish such an experience on anyone.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Great Scams

1. I get the single-ring telephone call 3-4 times weekly.

2. I have received several times that text about depositing whatever amount of money in specified bank account.

3. Often the designated produce markets have people lined up outside selling produce on the street. One day it dawned on me that most of those people outside the market have fixed prices, and are likely run by one or two guys on that strip of sidewalk. That day I realized there was a single guy controlling everyone's sidewalk prices, so I just went into the market instead of trying to save money on the street. Low and behold, the starting prices inside the market were cheaper than out on the sidewalk.

4. Now on to a serious scam that most people have heard of. This one is notorious in Beijing, where a new foreign arrival is befriended on the street and taken in to a tea shop to enjoy one of China's specialties. At the end they get handed a very hefty bill. It happened to me in Kunming where a girl took me to a wine and tea house. The waitress gave me the high bill along with the items the girl had ordered quickly in local dialect so as to prevent me from understanding. When I complained, the girl consoled me by "paying half the bill," and then she immediately stormed out...playing the role of being disgusted that I wouldn't be a man and pay the whole bill. Even paying half price she still made bank for the 20 minutes she spent with me. I then stayed in the wine house alone to at least enjoy what I'd paid for. Meanwhile, watching out the window, I noticed the same girl over the course of an hour separately whisk away two other guys to some other places for another scam.

Lesson learned: always get the price up front, and promptly leave when you realize it's more than it should be.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Football Club - Soccer

Today's match (2013.9.7) has been moved to the Beijing Normal Uni. affiliated high school out in XiShan District. That school is beside XiShan District's football stadium. Here is the Chinese to get you there: 北京师大附中,西山区体育馆旁边.

First match kicks off at 2:00. Kunming's team sponsored by Muse club will also participate. The third match will end at 6:00. After party at O'Reilly's starting around 8:30. Come join the celebrations.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Football Club - Soccer

Come support Kunming FC on Saturday, September 7, 2013 as we take on an expat team visiting from Chengdu. This will be the first time in our club's 10+ years that a team from outside of Yunnan has come to Kunming to compete. A quality, local Chinese team will also participate.

Entrance is free. Three seventy minute matches will take place from 2:00 - 6:00 PM. The venue is Kunming City Stadium (Shi Ti Yu Guan / 市体育馆), on 1st Ring Road West (Huan Cheng Xi Lu, 环城西路), which is just a 5 minute bike ride away from Yunnan Normal University's campus on 121 Street.

Join the three teams that Saturday night for an after-party at O'Reilly's Irish Pub; starting at 7:45 PM and going until late. English Premiere League football should be on their big screen TV from 7:45; and live music typically starts around 10:00.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Football Club - Soccer

This forum is meant to keep Kunming's expat community informed about opportunities to play football/soccer with Kunming FC. Please scroll down to the newest 'reply' to read up on the most recently updated post from the team's manager.

New players are always welcome. We typically play one or two 11v11 matches every weekend. We also have information about 5v5 pick-up games that happen on weekdays. You can get involved by contacting the team via email.



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I find it ridiculous that even many of the new-looking buses in Kunming are puffing out black smoke on a regular basis. I bike daily and have to inhale that daily. Where's the money going that should be used for keeping city transportation maintained?

2010.6.14 UPDATE

Kunming F.C. has a website through which you can find out about matches and other team info:




Last night O'Reilly's hosted Kunming F.C.'s team night. We had about 25 guys there for food, drinks, and a FIFA tournament on one of the big screens. We were all very pleased with everything about O'Reilly's. A+ venue!