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International team looking for footballers

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Kunming International Football Club is looking for men and women in Kunming who want to play football (soccer).

The club has been going for over 10 years and is one of the top teams in Kunming. Currently the club has full 11-a-side matches during weekends and plays indoors during the week, usually on Wednesday evenings. It runs two teams and accepts players of all abilities.

Anybody interested contact Piers at 13888556850, James at 13116221933 or stop by Chapter One and see who's around.

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William Gray is the current team manager. Please call him on 15925137349 if you want to play football.

or contact the team via e-mail:



hello i am Godwin from Nigeria good strong defender base in Ghana for by football I need your help to come over to your country to conunie my football and live a better live please kindly get back to me


My email is john_koma2006@yahoo.com

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