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Football in Kunming

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Kunming International Football Club is looking for new players arriving in Kunming who want to play football (soccer).

KIFC has been going for over 10 years and is one of the top teams in Kunming. They run their own league and in the recent Kunming FA tournament they reached the last 16 before being disqualified for cheating.

Currently KIFC has full 11-a-side matches at the weekend and play indoor during the week, usually on Wednesday evenings. The team is seeking expat men or women.

KIFC's club bar is Chapter One at 146 Wenlin Jie. If you want to join go in and ask a member of staff for Piers or James.

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whats up Piers, im Fred and have a friend who wants to play for your team. Get back to me through this mail (indiadocter_k@yahoo.com)

2010.6.14 UPDATE

Kunming F.C. has a website through which you can find out about matches and other team info:


email: kunmingfc@gmail.com

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