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Sweet! Can't wait to try the spots you mentioned above, pushingest! i will be in Kunming next week, right before the Dragon Year. Do you think the places will be open for business as usual? or do businesses shut down for weeks during the Chinese New Year?

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thanks cboo31! very helpful! Now, out of curiosity, i'm wondering what's the Chinese term for "downward facing dog" lol...

Forums > Food & Drink > Local food!

Thanks Xiefei!

And no I'm not kidding Geezer! I lived in Hanoi for over 4 years and the local expats created a listing like Zagat Guide for local expats to better experience the city. It's possible! and it never hurts to ask...


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how to get there by public transportation means? or is it only reachable via private cars and guides? how to even GPS this spot? Any advice will be appreciated. i'm planning my two-week visit.


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