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Video: Unseen Stone Forest

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A waterfall in the Stone Forest area
A waterfall in the Stone Forest area

The following video is a look at some of the areas of Stone Forest (石林) that are far from the paths normally trodden by tourists. Stone Forest is Kunming's top tourist attraction, receiving more than three million domestic and international visitors annually.

The video was presented at last month's Macao International Digital Cinema Festival. It was directed by HD film pioneer Randall Dark and was shot by Dark, Yereth Jansen and Giorgio Giacomelli, with editing by TY Film. Jeff Greene was executive producer.

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Fantastic images guys. Thanks

Went there today, but almost 3/4 of the main Stone Forest is closed and they dont tell you before entering, scam! We found peace and solitude at Naigu Stone Forest (乃古石林), about 8km from the main site. Really lovely and we had the place to ourselves

The video is very informative but does NOT specifically tell you where these locations are located. The entrance ticket to SHI LIN (Stone Forest) is 175 Yuan. I prefer to buy an annual ticket for 200 Yuan and I can use it at any time during the year. Bring your passport and you can purchase an annual ticket which includes entrance to the MAJOR stone Forest, MINOR stone Forest, BU SHAO SHAN, LI ZI YUAN QING, WAN NIAN LING ZHI, and NAIGU stone Forest (Black Stone Forest).

Most of the footage on the video is of the Black Stone Forest. Few people know about it so each time I go, there are very few visitors, less than 5 people. This location has been completely renovated but it lacks many basics. However, There is NOWHERE to purchase any food or water anywhere in the entire park.

Another location seen in the Video is DA DIE SHUI Waterfall. This USED TO BE included in the price of the entrance ticket more than 1 year ago but it no longer is considered part of the Stone Forest. Presently, the waterfall scenic area is under renovation. The Waterfall is located more then 30 km away from the main park. 2 years ago, you can purchase tickets for the waterfall ONLY for 18 Yuan but I have no idea what the price will be after the renovation is complete.

If you truly want to learn more about the hidden wonders of YUNNAN, please visit my website and see for yourself.


Good luck


Ok,the video is so interesting that i want to go,though my homrtown is yunnan,definetly,there are so many beautiful places here,but for all kinds or reasons,i have not pay a visit,however,my biggist dream is travelling around the world after my graduationg and earn enough money.my real hometown is Tengchong,Baishan,Yunnan.there is very beautiful,and has a long history..i will say something brifely about it .so many sights,like vocalno,hot spring(if you take showers in the water,it is good for you health),the old city of Heshun,ok,next,some foods,what is the most famous is ersi,it tastes very good,if you have some interests,you can baidu.com (Tengchong腾冲)or contact me.my OO is 1205485638 best wishes!

how to get there by public transportation means? or is it only reachable via private cars and guides? how to even GPS this spot? Any advice will be appreciated. i'm planning my two-week visit.

The video is very pretty but rather orientalist with that "Yi" minority maiden appearing out of nowhere and the spooky music. The local tourism bureau must like it. I prefer a different style.

I do appreciate the detailed comments on Shilin and nearby alternative sights. I'm planning to take students there in the fall, so this information is gold.

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