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Flew out of the new airport on June 29, and just back today. All in all pretty good. Checked my bag a bit fearfully on June 29, but it turned up in Bkk and not Beijing!

Bkk and HK departures are from gates 70-75 ish, and there is a good coffee shop close to the gates (Starbucks also at the airport but far from the intl gates).

Return today was smooth, bags came quickly and LOTS of cabs if you want to travel back to the city that way. Hope this is helpful to folks.

Went there today, but almost 3/4 of the main Stone Forest is closed and they dont tell you before entering, scam! We found peace and solitude at Naigu Stone Forest (乃古石林), about 8km from the main site. Really lovely and we had the place to ourselves



Went here last nite, very good selection of coffees and desserts. Cool, different decoration. Hot and smokey upstairs, recommend sitting downstairs