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Forums > Living in Kunming > Status of Yanhuang School 炎黄学校 in Kunming?

From long-distance in the US I have been trying to find out the status of Yanhuang School 炎黄学校, a "minban" primary school that is, or used to be, on Xihua Road, south of and across the street from Xihua Park. My kids have gone to school there before, and we'd like to send them again maybe next year. Last fall, however, the school was faced with being torn down and moved. The principal held off the bulldozers for a while, but after leaving Kunming last December I've been out of touch and am unable to connect with any of our contacts there. If you have any leads on this please let me know! Thanks!

Forums > Living in Kunming > "I don't like these Chinese ways"

I'm back and forth to Kunming a lot, and stay for months or up to a year. I've never really noticed anyone bothering to stare at me in this city. I'm caucasian with dark hair and blue eyes, so I must stand out. Am I missing something?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Good places to go with kids in Xishuangbanna

Can anyone recommend places that are fun and suitable for young kids (four and seven) to visit around Xishuangbanna? We are going there in a couple of weeks, planning some day or overnight trips out of Jinghong over five days or so.


Forums > Travel Yunnan > What to do in Mile 弥勒, Yunnan

The hot springs are very nice. As I recall, about 60 yuan per person, though the facilities are quite nice. There is some actual hot spring water in the pools, but some and probably all of them are either fully or partially electrically heated, and several are dyed various colors (white, turquoise, . . .).


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It's good to know we're free to forage. Wouldn't want to get a blast of rock salt in my rear end.

This article reminds me of something else that sets Yunnan apart. Ask around and you'll find that almost everyone here has tripped on 'shrooms at one time or another. Of course, here the of experience isn't regarded as mind-expanding, maybe because the Chinese Summer of '68 was so unlike that in the US . . .

That last comment was too snarky. Sorry. What I want to say is, why not use some local music for a local festival?

Exciting—I hope there are more events like that to come soon.

That soundtrack . . . can't seem to find it under Creative Commons licensing . . .


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