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Video: Puzhehei Music Festival

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Last month we featured a photo snapshot of the Puzhehei Warm Spring Music Festival. Kunming based video production company TY Film just published a 5:00 feature video showcasing the Karst mountains and wetlands of Puzhehei (普者黑), followed by a beautifully shot overview of the music festival.

GoKunming is looking forward to the next major event Buddha Feet (佛脚) will spearhead. The event organizer has told GoKunming to expect more music festivals following later this year.

Image: TY Film

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Super vid guys. Thanks!

Brilliant, thanks Tyfilm.tv!

Wow. Awesome video! Now I'm even more bummed I couldn't make it!!


E' belissimo! Great video, great place, great people!


bravo! great video! it looks so awesome, I too regret not being there :( love the choice of soundtrack

Exciting—I hope there are more events like that to come soon.

That soundtrack . . . can't seem to find it under Creative Commons licensing . . .

That last comment was too snarky. Sorry. What I want to say is, why not use some local music for a local festival?

You know what? Hugh are a rock star!

Fantastic video. Huge thanks to TY Film.

Also congrats to Buddha Feet on organizing such a memorable festival.

Can't wait for the next one. This one rocked!

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