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Forums > Food & Drink > dongbei food?

Because Dongbei food is overcooked, excessively oily, invariably bland, and has the texture of congealed phlegm.

But I don't mean to be pissy. Dongbei would be quite nice if they imported their food and cooking techniques from Yunnan.

Forums > Living in Kunming > This site is ridiculous

Flengs inadvertantly makes the case against censorship, and is a perfect and real-life example of why these posts and reviews should not be deleted: he recognizes that BillDan's post was "over the line" and so chooses to banish him in his own mind. The basic idea of censorship in this context is based on a mistrust of people's ability to think clearly and critically. Flengs demonstrates that he can, and so will disregard BillDan's post. Problem solved. People have their own lines in their own minds; they don't need an authority to set it for them. Let people think for themselves and generally, on the whole, they will show themselves to be rational.

Forums > Study > New toddler in the house.

Well, then, enjoy the time together! Kids that age are lots of fun in small doses. In "constant contact," they're doubtlessly even moreso.... Anyway, it can be an interesting learning experience for both of you.

Forums > Study > New toddler in the house.

Just speaking English to the toddler and addressing him as you would a kid that age might suffice. When you say, "Wow, you stacked five blocks! Let's see if you can do six," the kid will get it pretty quickly and will start replying, as long as you see the child often enough and have a good relationship. If you really want to be stringent about it, you can follow the one-parent(caretaker)-one-language approach and insist that the child address you in English as well.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Why "has to be american" ???

I co-manage two English-language high schools in Kunming that send students to foreign countries for university. The vast majority of our students go to US universities, but a few go to the UK, Australia, and Canada, among other countries.

Some thoughts on this topic:

Most of our students and their families prefer to apply to US universities probably because of branding and cultural hegemony, but also relevant are business partnerships and the sheer number of US universities compared to those of other countries.

We hire native or near-native speakers. A little over half of our teachers are Americans, but among our foreign teaching staff we also have people from England and Australia, as well as non-native speakers from several countries and a few Chinese-Americans. We hire dedicated (and qualified) teachers regardless of where they're from or the color of their skin. I suspect that our foreign teaching staff is dominated by Americans mostly because of the composition of Kunming's English-speaking teaching community.

We encourage (force) our students to become familiar with different English accents, and continually remind them and their parents that several of their university professors likely will have non-American accents, and that they might end up doing business with people from many different countries.


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Kudos to Gokunming for speaking to participants and reporting on this incident. And even more kudos to the protesters who took the time, made the effort, and were undeterred from speaking truth to power.

Gangnam style with Kunming touches. Signing the busker's guitar was hilarious enough to have been in the original video. Nicely done.

By the way, I couldn't find you in there, Sandy. Too many great dancers.

As of 4 pm Thursday, China time, the YN INformation Daily article is no longer available. Instead there's this message: 您查看信息不存在或已删除,两秒后返回乐云网首页!(The page you're looking for doesn't exist or has been deleted; you'll be redirected to the main page immediately.) ....Those hypocritical bastards.


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