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Baidu lists the Chenggong branch as 塔矣段迎宾旅社(036乡道)附近, which appears to be up the road to the west of Luosiwan/South Coach Station.

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If not for capitalism we'd all be queueing up for hours in the public hospitals. Now we have choices. Capitalism says if you want a different service you have to pay for it. That it brings society into lust for money is the unsurprising consequence however.


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It was a good event again this year, but due to the crowding, it becomes a less and less suitable venue every year, which sadly detracts from the whole thing. In future please rent a larger venue for it, and the fair will be even more enjoyable.

My experience at the new airport was that it certainly looks impressive, but some of the services still need more time before they could be considered adequate. I'd been looking forward to the wifi there - anyone know how long till it will be operating? Information desk staff had inadequate English - and even in Chinese I got incorrect information in response to the simple (but important!) question of where Starbucks was.
Hope they can quickly get things running smoothly.


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