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Forums > Living in Kunming > Covid health code

Hi I am hoping to arrive in Kunming in mid July and will need the health certificate on my phone as a foreigner can I get that through WeChat or do foreigners have another procedure

Thanks for any help

Forums > Living in Kunming > Arriving from Uk

Hi I hope to be arriving back in Kunming mid July travelling from the UK to Guangzhou 14 or maybe 7 days quarantine then a flight to Kunming anybody know what the procedure is on arrival in Kunming for the 7 or maybe 3 day home quarantine do I just register at the police station as I normally would? do I need any evidence of Covid testing or proof of quarantine status thanks for any help

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Flights arriving in Kunming

Thanks for all the advice decided to postpone the trip to next year probably after the new year hopefully it all might get more straight forward then

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Flights arriving in Kunming

Help please I will be arriving in Kunming from Chengdu mid November after travelling from the UK and quarantining in Chengdu for 14 days will I be able to stay in my own apartment and quarantine for the required 7 days


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