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Forums > Living in Kunming > Hi, everyone

I'm a chinese, I could speak English, not very good I think,but I like it.last year I came to kunming, working in a administration office. I like chinese literature, anciant literature especiely,sometime I'm writing one or two chinese old poem. I want to made friend with some foreigners,for one: to improve my English. two:to help them living in kunming comfortablly(perhaps I could give some good suggestion for them, living, travel, or so .)do it clear?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hi, everyone

hello! I'm lived in kunming recentlly. I want to be friend with you through this website. could you have any suggestion for me!?

thank you for read this. and wish you have a happy weekend!


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I've been there several years before, very few people going there that time. it seems change a little now, but not too much. there was so few worth to see in this town.


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