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I used it for cooking, showering, and brushing my teeth while I was there and got the poops. Problem went away when I went on well water in Mile but came back when I went back to Kunming. I drank bottled water and if I did not have bottle water I had US military grade water tablets which made the water taste like pool water, yuck! My in-laws only drink bottled or boiled there so I took the hint but the bug got me and the wife anyway. I was eating Pepto tablets like candy and eating local medicines and potions. They made me eat this brown griddy stuff that worked pretty well and did not taste as bad as it looked. I was miserable when I had to judge that English competition in Kunming in the sun wearing a black shirt trying to squeeze back the bugs. lol


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In America we have the fire prevention mascot named Smokey Bear. His motto is "only YOU can help prevent forest fires". Maybe China needs their version? We could call him Smokey Panda Bear. Or I guess a direct English translation would be Smokey Bear Cat. lol



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