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Around Town: Year of the Dragon

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As the year of the rabbit yields to the year of the dragon, many cafes, restaurants and bars around Kunming will close, alter their hours or operate as usual. We've contacted local businesses and compiled their holiday schedules.

Any businesses not listed below should feel free to post their schedules in this post's comment section.

GoKunming wishes all of its readers a happy and healthy year of the dragon!

As You Like Closed until January 31
Coffee Break Closed January 22-27
Chicago Coffee Closed January 22-29
Dune Cafe Closed January 22-30
French Café Closed January 22
Full Cup Café Open 10am to 6pm January 11-29
Game Café Normal hours
Mazagran Café Closed January 22-29
Prague Cafe (Wenlin Jie) Closed January 21-28
Prague Cafe (Beichen) Closed January 20-28
Salvador's Coffee House Closed January 18-28
Samoana Café Closed January 22-29
The Silver Spoon Café Closed January 22
Vintage Café Closed January 21-28
Wicker Basket Closed January 21-31

1910 La Gare du Sud Closed January 23-28
Aiyouduoshen Normal hours
Cacaja Closed January 22-23
Cacao Mexican Restaurant Closed January 21-29, will reopen January 30 at 6pm
Camel Bar Restaurant Closed January 21-29
Daiyunfang Normal hours
España Restaurant Closed January 22-27
Flying Tigers Restaurant Normal hours
Laofangzi Normal hours
Lost Garden Normal hours, with guest chef from the Netherlands
Makye Ame Normal hours
Moonlight Corner (Expo Gardens) Closed January 22-26
Moonlight Corner (Green Lake) Closed January 22-24
My Favor Restaurant Normal hours
Nianlun Normal hours
Pizza da Rocco Closed January 22-28
Sandra's Closed January 23-26
Simao Yecaiguan Normal hours
Shiping Huiguan Open from 8:30am until 10pm during January
The Box Closed January 22-26
Xiao Dongtian Fandian Closed January 19
Xinjiang Tianshan Muslim Restaurant Normal hours

1895 Movie Bar Closed January 22-28
1896 Sports Bar Closed January 22-25
Camel Bar Closed January 21 and 28
Chapter One Normal hours
Halfway House Closed January 21-27
Laowo Bar Closed January 21 and 22
Moondog Closed January 22 and 23
O'Reilly's Irish Pub Normal hours, special kitchen hours (11am-11pm) until February 5
The Hump Bar Normal hours
The Mask Closed January 22 and 23
Tobacco Normal hours

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Vintage is also not serving food for the next few days, having an alternative menu with only drinks.

What about Lazy Bones?!?


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