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Shijiang Academy is about 40 kilometers away from Kunming, hides in glossy dark green village of Anning, which names Shijiang village. The academy is not easy to find, you have to catch sight of a stone porch stands just alone the slope besides a stream. Set foot in the porch, the elegant yellow building will leap to your eyes.

The site used to be a Taoist temple, Mr. Wu (the founder of the academy) rebuilt the nearly collapsed temple, found Shijiang Academy afterwards.

The purpose of the academy is disseminating traditional Chinese culture. In allusion to different age groups and demands, the academy set courses such as: studies of Chinese ancient civilization, Chinese zither teaching, meditation and yoga, farming experience. Besides those courses, tea and vegetarian diet are provided. Meanwhile, there are quaint and elegant guest houses you can choose to stay to have a classic concise experience.

If you don’t have interests in academy’s course, you can just enjoy the cozy breeze by sitting on the large wood terrace above the jade water.

Except for open day, appointments have to be made for academy’s courses and activities.

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  • NameShijiang Academy
  • AddressShijiang village, Xian Jie, Anning city, Kunming
  • HoursDaily: 9:00am-9:00pm
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Shijiang Academy • Shijiang village, Xian Jie, Anning city

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