Cloud Space is a 600 square meter venue developed by a group of creative friends with the help of local artisans, sharing a mutual dream to have a place in the Pu'er county seat where the music, art, traditional handicraft, unique customs and knowledge of local ethnic groups are in the spotlight, all the while welcoming cultural exchange from near and afar.

The space is filled with eye-catching art pieces, made from wood collected from demolished village houses, and furniture made by local craftsmen.

It has a bar and live house, an exhibition/lecture hall, a reading/study/film broadcast room, a tea ceremony space, a kitchen preparing dishes from local ethnic cuisines and a shop selling handicraft by skilled artisans from the many ethnic groups of Pu'er county.

Cloud Space will arrange and provide a locale for solo and joint art or literary exhibitions, artist residencies, workshops, concerts, competitions, study groups, seminars, lectures, conferences, et.c.

Those interested can contact the venue and apply to have an exhibition or other activity here.

Renting the whole venue for various events is also a possibility.

Cloud Space brings to Pu'er residents the live house they’ve been lacking and hopes to greatly liven up the cultural scene in the city, while providing visitors with a living-room away from home, filled with things, acitivities and human interactions that can provide nourishment for the soul, and drinks and food to quench thirst and satisfy hunger.

Listing info
  • NameCloud Space
  • AddressPu'er city, Simao district, Chama Old Town, 107—1, Jinghong
  • MOBILE13629645806, 13629645806
  • Hours10:00am - 12:00pm
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Cloud Space • Pu'er city, Simao district, Chama Old Town, 107—1

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