Contemporary Gallery Kunming is a non-profit art institution dedicated to fostering professionalism and public knowledge in the artistic ecosystem of Yunnan Province. Through a program of local and international exhibitions, research, outreach activities and other exchanges, CGK aims to serve both the local art industry and the general public through objective research of Yunnan’s contemporary art history and comprehensive presentation of the latest trends and creative output in contemporary art.

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  • NameContemporary Gallery Kunming
    昆明当代美术馆 (CGK)
  • AddressQianwei Xi Lu. Park 1903 Arc de Triomphe, Kunming
    昆明前卫西路 公园1903凯旋门
  • HoursTues - Sun: 10:30am to 9:30pm
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Contemporary Gallery Kunming • Qianwei Xi Lu. Park 1903 Arc de Triomphe

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Very happy to find such a beautifully designed and well-curated gallery in Kunming. Apart from wide-ranging exhibitions (international and domestic, historical and contemporary, photography, architecture, contemporary art) there is a diverse programme of lectures, music performance etc.


A nice day out. I missed the second exhibition. The third exhibition, currently ongoing, is contemporary photos of the Kunming-Haiphong railway, mostly the Chinese side. I thought it was quite good. It's not a huge space, but the 1903 commercial complex has some decent dining options (including the museum cafe itself which has some expensive but very good single origin coffees).