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  • NameZui Yunnan Restaurant (Dongsi)
    醉云喃 (东寺店)
  • Address2 Beiyuan Pedestrian Street, Dongsi Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 64191933
  • Hours11am-9pm
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Zui Yunnan Restaurant (Dongsi) • 2 Beiyuan Pedestrian Street, Dongsi Jie


Located on the history-laden Dongsi Jie, Zui Yunnan Restaurant has been popular among locals and tourists with its delicious Yunnan food. Within minutes walk away from the renowned Dongsi and Xisi Pagodas, this restaurant enjoys a perfect location with ethnic minority featured design and authentic and diversified Yunnan cuisine.

Recommended dish:
Steam Pot Chicken Soup, Yunnan style Corn Cake, Nuodeng Ham, Shiping Roast Tofu, Nujiang Style Assorted BBQ, Mashed Potato, Deep Fried Beef.


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