Kunming Lanchie Dental Hospital (Blue Orange Dental) was founded in Kunming in 2006 by Professor Xu Yun, a well-known stomatologist in China and the honorary president of the Yunnan Stomatological Association, and was named "Vimei Dental" at that time.At present, Blue Orange Dental has a team of more than 100 backbone physicians and medical staff with bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees in stomatology, and overseas study backgrounds.There are 3 hospitals including Kunming General Hospital, Tongde Clinic, and Hang Lung Clinic.Among them, the Blue Orange Dental Kunming General Hospital, which was completed in 2017, has 36 dental chairs and 3 diagnosis and treatment centers (orthodontics center, comprehensive treatment center, and children's oral health center), with a total area of nearly 3,000 square meters, which are secondary dental Hospitals, accredited hospitals by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of International Medical and Health Institutions (JCI).
With the vision of "being a respected medical enterprise", Blue Orange Dental actively establishes a good doctor-patient relationship around the core values of "patient benefit first, teamwork first". Combining excellent medical care with warm services, we will continue to strive to provide patients with high-quality, cost-effective oral medical services. Earn trust with professional ability, respect with sincere care, and survive and develop by relying on patient reputation.
At present, Blue Orange has cooperated with Insime China to establish the "Insimei Yunnan Education Center" to provide Yunnan dental professionals with Insimei technical education and training services.In addition, Blue Orange Dental attaches great importance to and established a professional children's oral health center to provide professional oral assessment, prevention, diagnosis and treatment solutions for children under the age of 12; as an Australian MRC (Children's Early Correction of Muscle Function) "China Gold Certification Clinic", focus on the management of children's maxillofacial development.

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  • NameLanchie Dental (Tongde)
  • Address5th Floor, 269 Office Building, Tongde Kunming Plaza, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65626899
  • Hours10:00-18:00 every day
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Lanchie Dental (Tongde) • 5th Floor, 269 Office Building, Tongde Kunming Plaza

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