Authentic two-story old-style Kunming building turned into an atmospheric cafe with spacious rooftop terrace.

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  • NameGuangzong No. 3 Cafe
  • Address3 Guangzong Xiang, Wenlin Jie, Kunming
    昆明文林街 光宗巷3
  • Phone(0871) 65338312
  • HoursDaily from 11am
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Guangzong No. 3 Cafe • 3 Guangzong Xiang, Wenlin Jie

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The owners have obviously put a lot of effort into creating a unique, nostalgic style for Guangzong No. 3 through the design and decoration. Apparently, all those allegedly antique items cost money!

Also, the Wi-Fi there is the fastest compared to other restaurants and cafes in the area.

However, they really need to improve the variety of foods & drinks they offer and what really seriously bothered me was that, as the owners appear to be a bunch of students with extra money and time to spare, they are naturally NOT very service-conscious.

Last time my wife and I were there, their puppy relieved itself on the wooden floor, then the pee just sat there on the floor for like, two hours. Until one of the girls (not sure if an owner or waitress) came into the room and quickly went back out announcing, "The puppy has PEED! The puppy has PEED!". When we thought they'd finally noticed it and were about to do something about it... then, nothing?! She just made a public announcement upon her exciting discovery and that's it? Bovina Sancta!
(of course, the poor neglected puddle had almost completely evaporated, too)


Checked this out after reading the comments. Agree the terrace is a gem of a place on a sunny day. The coffee unfortunately was the worst I've had! The latte was pure diluted milk with no taste of coffee in it! Sorry, but can't agree with the 4 stars from the other patrons so giving it a 3!


When the weather is nice, this is one of the best cafes in Kunming for sitting in the sun. A bit strange that a large coffee comes in two separate cups.


Recently discovered this newly-opened gem just off Wenlin Jie next to the muslim noodle and shaokao place. Cozy, good coffee, good service and a wonderful outside seating area that makes you wonder why Kunming doesn't have more places like this.

Once they'll have more food options they'll get their 5th star!